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Un-Peeled 2016: Nightingales, The Stupids, Datblygu, many more

Friday, 28 October 2016 - 6:15pm
Un-Peeled, Preston's annual tribute to the much missed Radio One DJ put together by Tuff Life Boogie returns again in 2016 for John Peel Day on Friday Oct 28th.  
There will be two stages in The Continental packed out with an awesome and diverse line-up of acts whose common denominator is that they all recorded sessions for John Peel, or include members who did. Once more, the line-up contains some of Peel's very favourite acts.
Appearing this year are The Nightingales, The Stupids, Eton Crop, The Great Leap Forward, Minny Pops, christ., John Hyatt's Plastic Reality, Spread Eagle, Deutsche Ashram, and a rare and exclusive performance from the lauded Welsh act Datblygu.
Tickets are only £12.50 and are available online NOW from WeGotTickets, SEE Tickets & Skiddle. 
From our bar (01772 499 425) and Action Records (01772 884 772) NOW
Tickets can be exchanged for wristbands at the Continental Events Space Bar from 6.00pm onwards. 
Doors open 6.15pm
Events Space 
(at the back of the pub, on the far right)
6.20pm - 6.50pm John Hyatt's Plastic Reality
7.20pm - 8.20pm Datblygu
8.45pm - 9.30pm The Stupids
9.55pm - 10.55pm The Nightingales
11.20pm - end christ.
Fenny and Les DJ in-between acts in the Event space
(just inside the front entrance to the pub on the right)
6.30 - 7.00pm The Great Leap Forward
7.25pm - 8.10pm Minny Pops
8.30pm - 9.15pm Eton Crop
9.35pm - 9.55pm The Common Cold
10.15pm - 10.45pm Deutsche Ashram 
11.10pm - 11.50pm Spread Eagle
The snug has is less roomy than the events space, so if you particularly want to catch someone in the snug, we suggest you present yourselves a few minutes early. 

DJs: Fenny ('On The Wire'  Radio Lancashire) and Les 

We're delighted that our DJs of choice, Fenny (from Steve Barker's excellent 'On The Wire' show on Radio Lancashire) and Les will again be returning to fill in the gaps of Peel's record collection that Un-Peeled otherwise couldn't reach. 


Datblygu recorded five Peel sessions between 1987 and 1993 and were definitely one of Peel's most loved acts of that era after he picked up on the band following their debut 7", Hwgr-Grawth-Og, on Anhrefn Records.  Datblygu had actually formed 5 years previously, in 1982, and had put out 4 casette EPs before that release. Originally a duo of school friends David R. Edwards and T. Wyn Davies, they were joined by Patricia Morgan in 1984.  Edwards' lyrics were almost entirely in the Welsh language, their subject matter reflecting his "extreme disillusionment" with life in Wales in the eighties under Margaret Thatcher and his reaction against the more staid aspects of traditional Welsh culture.    
Datblygu went on to record three more albums that gained a wider release, Wyau (Eggs) in 1988, Pyst (Posts) in 1990 and Libertino in 1993, before splitting up in 1995 after a final single.  In the years since then, Datblygu have been recognised as true innovators, and have been praised by new generations of Wesh acts such as  Gorky's Zygotic Mynci and Super Furry Animals (who covered Datblygu's "Y Teimlad" on their Mwng album) and recently Cate Le Bon.
The core duo of Edwards and Morgan re-emerged as Datblygu with the mini-album Erbyn Hyn (‘By Now’) in 2014 and a full-length, Porwr Trallod, (Tribulation Browser) in 2015 where they manage to find the fine balance between the rawness and directness of their early releases with a new and progressive stripped down sound. They performed a critically acclaimed, sold out live performance at experimental Welsh music festival CAM15 at Cardiff’s Millennium Centre, next to the Welsh Assembly Devolved Government building in 2015, followed in 2016 by another well-received appearance at Stewart Lee's ATP in Prestatyn.    
Un-Peeled will be only Datblygu's third show since they returned and their first gig outisde Wales for over 20 years, so we're really excited to have them!   

The Nightingales

If John Peel sessions are the rock and pop equivalent of England caps, then Nightingales mainstay Robert Lloyd is in Bobby Moore territory, with only The Fall and The Wedding Present notching up more Peel show appearances.  Between 1978 and 1990 he recorded 15 Peel sessions, including eight with The Nightingales plus others with The Prefects and latterly solo, before going to ground. 
Since Rob reformed The Nightingales in 2004, the band have put out more albums of great new material than they managed in their original run, most recently the incendiary 'Mind Over Matter' in 2015, and they have toured the UK (including several outstanding shows at The Continental), mainland Europe and the USA many times, buoyed by a constantly changing line-up.
Most definitely not resting on their laurels, the current four piece 'Gales of Rob, drummer Fliss Kitson, bass player Andreas Schmid and guitarist Jim Smith is one of the best line-ups yet and will pin you to the wall for a non-stop hour of frighteningly-good newly-minted tunes.

The Stupids

Described by John Peel in his Observer column as "highly diverting, playing hard and fast with commendable brevity and lack of attention to detail", The Stupids ripped thru the mid to late 80s recording 4 Peel sessions (including one as their fast food obsessed alter egos, Frankfurter) before the wheels came off their skateboards at the end of the decade.  
The Stupids were moronic East Anglian teens obsesssed with American hardcore,  Sesame Street and trying not to suck. It's hard to believe now, but two albums into a hitherto unheralded career on an anarcho punk label, their belated adoption by Peelie (who cottoned on following the sneaky placement of one of the band's friends as Peel's intern) saw Stupids mania hit the UK and kick start a year of music press front covers and almost sold-out shows.   In 1987, even David Bowie's son was into the Stupids and the Thin White Duke was name-checking the band in all his interviews, at least the ones he did before he heard them.       
The Stupids returned in the mid noughties to the anticipation and delight of literally several fans, put out a prophetic new record 'The Kids Don't Like It', and were surprisingly good at Rebellion Festival. Tuff Life Boogie did try to get The Stupids for the ill-fated 'Hardcore Holocaust' Un-Peeled in 2012, but this booking was derailed by Tommy Stupid breaking his leg in a tragic scooter accident. The Stupids appearing in Preston will be a truly seismic event and you should not miss it.

Eton Crop

Dutch maestros Eton Crop put out their first record in 1979 and became well-known in the UK in the early 80s, partly due to a friendship with The Three Johns who had met them when they toured the Netherlands. Three Johns’ guitarist John Langford subsequently produced Eton Crop and designed a couple of their album sleeves. 
Big favourites of John Peel, the band recorded 5 Peel sessions between 1983 and 1988 which were full of witty, inventive songs played in the mid 80s shambling post –punk tradition covered in John Robb’s ‘Death to Trad Rock’ book. Many thanks to Middlesbrough promoters Steve Harland and Martin Mathers for convincing Eton Crop to reform to play their own John Peel Day event in 2014.  Eton Crop were one of the best acts at last year's Un-Peeled and we are really pleased to host them again.  

Minny Pops

Formed by vocalist/band leader Wally van Middendorp in 1978, Dutch electro pioneers Minny Pops borrowed their name from a primitive Korg drum machine and their approach from conceptual art at its most mischievously off-kilter. Their association with the legendary Manchester label Factory Records began in 1980 and would see them produced by Martin Hannett, tour with Joy Division and then New Order, and also the first Dutch group to record a Peel Session. 
In 2012, van Middendorp and collaborators old and new regrouped for Minny Pops’ first live performances since 1981, touring the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium, and, along the way, recording a 7” single at the invitation of The Charlatans’ Tim Burgess for his O Genesis label. 2014 has brought the re-release of the acclaimed Factory album Sparks in a Dark Room, and, with the band now based in the UK, the opportunity to undertake further erratic, irresponsible and unexpected live engagements. 

The Great Leap Forward

The Great Leap Forward was a band formed by former Big Flame member Alan Brown, when his previous band split up in 1987. Great Leap Forward was essentially a solo project, although various musicians were added for live performances. Great Leap Forward was Alan's attempt at a more accessible sound than the notoriously uncompromising Big Flame whilst retaining his overtly political lyrics. Needless to say, GLF were still completely willful and esoteric by today's standards, with Alan crooning Josef K style over a shredded guitar orchestra. Great Leap Forward's original run ended in 1990 after four 12" EPs and an album, mostly on the wonderful Ron Johnson Records, and two Peel sessions (in addition to the four Peel sessions notched up by Big Flame). 
In 2008, Alan revived The Great Leap Forward and released a CD of new material, Finished Unfinished Business, largely songs he'd shelved when he put GLF on hold in 1990. This was followed in 2012 by a great new album of freshly-minted tunes, This Is Our Decade of Living Cheaply and Getting By. At this time, Alan did a couple of acoustic sets, one of which was at 2012 Un-Peeled, when he also joined Sarandon for a tantalising run through 'Let's Jive Whilst We're Still Alive' from the Ron Johnson era, prompting stunned audience members to shout "Judas."
For this show, Great Leap Forward will be reverting to their original live proposition of two men and a drum machine, performing a full 'electric' set for the first time in over 25 years. Tuff Life Boogie cannot over-emphasise how much your life will be improved if you are there to witness this truly momentous event.

Deutsche Ashram 

Deutsche Ashram are Merinde Verbeek and Ajay Saggar.  Ajay will be familiar to previous attendees of Un-Peeled having rocked the Continental in the past with his other bands, The Bent Moustache and King Champion Sound.  Although now based in Holland, Ajay was a fixture on the local scene in the mid 80s and early 90s and was a member of Preston legends and Peel session vets Dandelion Adventure
They are currently recording their debut album, which will be released in late October.  In the meantime, the band have been playing a string of shows throughout mainland Europe, which have been met with great acclaim. Surfing on the new psychedelic wave, they have been described as "Cocteau Twins meet Spacemen 3 in an opium den." Un-Peeled will be one of their first shows in the UK! 

John Hyatt's Plastic Reality

John Hyatt is the vocalist and main songwriter of Leeds agit-popsters The Three Johns, formed in 1982 and another of John Peel’s favourite acts, recording 6 sessions between 1982 and 1987.  The Johns were recording during the height of Margaret Thatcher's reign and were openly antagonistic to the new, conservative vision of Britain's future. Whilst their elliptical and epigrammatic lyrics might not offer the sloganeering that would easily identify them as “lefties”, there were certainly enough hints dropped along the way to remove any doubt.   
Now known in some circles as ‘The Punk Professor’ due to his academic career as a Fine Arts Professor at MMU and laterly Director of the acclaimed arts research and postgraduate centre, MIRIAD (the Manchester Institute for Research and Innovation in Art and Design), John continues to have an eclectic and trans-disciplinary creative career: he has a long history of international exhibitions and performances as a painter, designer, musician, printmaker, author, video artist, and sculptor.
John has appeared at every Un-Peeled so far and we are delighted to welcome him back again. He's creating a new audio/visual set especially for this event and it is sure to be one of the highlights of the evening.  Don't miss!


Scottish electronica artist Christopher Horne, aka christ. was a member of the Hexagon Sun collective which spawned Boards of Canada, and christ. collaborated with Boards of Canada until 1995, appearing on the 'Twoism' which was reissued by Warp in 2002.
christ. has released several notable records of his own since then, often through the Benebecula label, including the lauded Pylonesque EP and Metamorphic Reproduction Miraclefull-length. 
christ. is a formidable live proposition, forging soundscapes of expert layers of melody, broken beats and textures, which was recognised by John Peel who invited him to record a live session at Peel Acres in 2003. christ's amazing Peel session is noted for being the only time that Peel requested an encore! christ. live shows in the UK are increasingly rare and you should not miss this opportunity to catch him performing in Preston. 

Spread Eagle

Spread Eagle were formed in 2012 by Jane McKeown (guitar/vocals) and Jeremy Mills (guitar/ruan) formerly of Peter Parker, a favourite of BBC 6 Music DJ Marc Riley.   Their current line-up, a vehicle for Jane's songwriting is completed by Fiona Henderson (drums) and Annie Spandex (bass).  Jane and Annie were previously band mates in Lung Leg, a great mid 90s act championed by John Peel who recorded two Peel sessions.
Throw  The Fall, Beach House, The Cramps, David Lynch, Johnny Cash and some vocal pop harmonies into a melting pot and you are some of the way to capturing their sound. 

The Common Cold 

Tuff Life Boogie can now reveal that The Common Cold include Mark and Ajay from Dandelion Adventure and Dave Chambers from Cornershop/Formula One/The Wandering Step), three local legends who all recorded Peel sessions, in a kraut-rocking new context. 

Tickets are only £12.50 and are available online NOW from WeGotTickets, SEE Tickets & Skiddle. 

From our bar (01772 499 425) and Action Records (01772 884 772) NOW